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Responsive Design Fulfills a Need

Website visitors expect the quality of the web pages that they are viewing to be consistent across many different technology devices. Responsive web design is a technique that a web designer will use to adjust the size of the web page according to the requirements of the technology device used to display web page information. This approach uses flexible layouts, images and a feature of cascading style sheets termed media queries.

Benefits of Responsive Design

One responsive design fits all screen sizes of a variety of devices saving money on website development for multiple applications. Responsive design helps keep a business technologically up to date. Potential customers will be more encouraged to take action because of the user-friendly experience when browsing for information about products and services. Responsive web design engages the attention of more visitors leading to an increase the amount of sales or services offered by the small business.

Disadvantages of Not Adapting Responsive Design

Duplicate content posted on many different devices lacks organization and increases the workload of search engine optimized content. Small business owners may experience more stress and spend more time ensuring that each developed website application works effectively for each device displaying the website. The bounce rate increases for inaccessible access across many technology devices resulting in lower conversions.

Why Small Businesses Need Responsive Design

Small businesses should switch to web page responsive design because the number of individuals purchasing and using mobile devices is on the increase. Many computer devices range in size from an oversized desktop monitor to a 4-inch smart phone screen. New forms of mobile devices have created many design problems during attempts to display information from the same web page. Enlisting the services of a trusted web designer knowledgeable about responsive design will eliminate these design issues.

If you are interested in updating your website to responsive design, MyModernWeb would be proud to serve you. Feel free to call us at 877-792-7418 or leave a comment below. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about responsive design.

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Responsive Web Design
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