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For small businesses, having a custom website built and then maintained can represent a substantial or even prohibitive cost. Fortunately, the days when a custom-built site was the only choice are over. WordPress offers businesses an intuitive content management system (CMS) that is easy to update!


WordPress started out as an open source blogging platform. While it remains open source and free, the software has evolved beyond blogging through updates to the core software, as well extended capabilities provided by plugins and themes, into a content management system.


Content management systems like WordPress are applications that enable users to control, modify, create or store a wide variety of content for display on web sites. For example, a CMS is what allows an embedded video from YouTube to appear on a blog without the user needing to create any code.

Ease of Use

Updating a WordPress-based website requires almost zero technical skill. The application uses familiar features, such as drag-and-drop for files and copy-and-paste for text. Anyone that has ever used Microsoft Word will find lots of familiar ways to adjust text, from bold and italics to bulleted lists and alignment tools. To make things even easier, most web hosting services even provide a single-click installation option for WordPress.


Most businesses need a website that includes everything from a homepage to an about us page, services, products and a contact us page. Adding pages on WordPress doesn’t call for more than a few clicks of the mouse and a page name. After that, it’s just a matter of typing, inserting or embedding the content.

WordPress Web Design

For small businesses that need an easy way to build and update a website, WordPress is an excellent choice. Some businesses find that WordPress solves the technical side of building a website, but fails in terms of design. Contact a web designer with WordPress experience to create the right visual aesthetic for the website.

At MyModernWeb, we proudly build all of our websites using WordPress. We will create an attractive and engaging design for your business and develop custom tools that allow you to maintain your website. It is very important to us that our websites are easy for our clients to update. Your business website will be search engine optimized, mobile compatible, feature rich and budget friendly.

If you are interested in hiring MyModernWeb to build a website for you, call (877) 792-7418 for a free consultation. We are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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