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Hashtags are a way for people with similar interests to find each other on social networking sites. When a person uses the hashtag symbol “#” with a word or phrase after it, anyone else who sees it can click on it and view other posts by people who have used the symbol as well.

Hashtags on Facebook

Originally, this concept was made popular on Twitter. Now that Facebook has recently introduced hashtags, they are sure to become even more popular.

Hashtag Marketing Strategies

This concept is perfect for small businesses that want to use social media to help promote themselves. Customers are willing to share a company hashtag for perks like coupons, discounts or prizes. If you set up a campaign based around hashtags and bonuses, you will create an army of people on social media talking about your business to all of their friends and acquaintances.

Build Your Brand with Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective method of building your business brand. When you have people saying good things about your business, their friends are more likely to give your services a try. This is because people generally listen to their friends and take their advice to heart. This is much different from other advertisements which they take with a grain of salt.

Find Your Target Market

Hashtags can be tracked easily and used to get new customers. Let’s say your business involves selling pizza. You can search existing hashtags for things like “#pizza,” “#Italian food” and anything else that relates to your business. You can then market specifically at these people knowing full well that they are already interested in what you are selling.

Hashtag Tips

When you start using hashtags, make sure that you use them sparsely. People are on social media sites to interact with others; they are not on these sites to look at incessant advertisements. If you overuse hashtags, people will get annoyed with you and probably block you. When you use them correctly, hashtags can be a great way to drum up business and promote your brand.

We Want To Know

Have you used hashtags for your business?

Were you pleasantly surprised or disappointed with the results?

What hashtag did you use? (We will search for it!)

What tips do you have for other business owners using hashtags?

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