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In today’s media-saturated culture, consumers have become accustomed to and even suspicious of advertisements that make unsubstantiated claims. Companies that are trying to attract customers through a website must prove that they are trustworthy and that their services are worth the time and money. One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is through testimonials.

What Are Testimonials?

Written by current or former customers or clients, testimonials are positive evaluations of a company’s products, services, or goods. Effective testimonials will highlight features like the product’s ease of use, versatility, and problem-solving capability.

Why Are They Important?

Testimonials serve as some of the most effective marketing tactics because they don’t feel like marketing. Potential buyers will most likely believe the real opinions of real customers over the biased claims of the company’s own promotional materials.

Furthermore, testimonials add a personal touch that’s often lost amidst the anonymous Web, and a review written by an average customer sounds warmer and less sales-like than an advertisement.

Finally, testimonials showcase the practical applications of a product, allowing potential buyers to visualize how their own business can utilize the service or how the product works in the real world.

What’s The Best Way To Get Testimonials?

As often as you can, ask satisfied clients to write-up a recommendation that your company can use on its website. To simplify this process and encourage positive, detailed testimonials, provide a short form they can fill out with guided questions and space for additional comments. For example, questions like “How did this software solve a problem for your company?” or “Did our organization services save you time or money?” will ensure that each testimonial focuses on the practical benefits of your product.

How Should a Business Include Testimonials on its Website?

For each testimonial, display as many facts about the customer as possible, including names, pictures, and contact information with the client’s permission. This way, website users can see the variety of clients who work with the company, read their success stories, and verify that the testimonials originate from actual people and are not invented.

Ensure that people browsing your website have several opportunities to view a testimonial by featuring one or two on every page. You could have a specific page that hosts paragraph-length testimonials as well as a short quotation at the top of the site.

Finally, aim to change out testimonials frequently so that potential buyers can see how your company continues to provide excellent service.

How Do I Add Testimonials to My Website?

Commercial websites can attract more visitors, build buyer trust, and witness greater conversion rates with some well-written and well-placed testimonials. Contact your web developer today to discuss if a testimonial page would fit your online marketing plan.

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