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About The Client

Show Me Birds is America’s biggest pheasant hunting resort, located in Baxter Springs, Kansas, and owned by Kim and Claudette Shira. Visitors enjoy many exciting activities, including different styles of pheasant hunting, skeet shooting, and fishing. The experienced, professional staff believe in providing an excellent experience for guests.

Website Features

The website’s organization and great features make it easy to learn more about Show Me Birds. Here are a few of the most helpful tools:

  • The Book Your Hunt Online button at the top of the page brings up a blank form with a few questions. It helps in trip-planning, and provides a way for Kim to contact guests.
  • The topic pages on the menu bar separates each topic into unique pages. This organizes the website and makes information easy to find.
  • The feedback box shows what other visitors had to say about their experiences at Show Me Birds.
  • The Why Choose Us? drop-down menu allows guests to see some of the best that the company has to offer at a glance.

Customer Success

Kim and Claudette have enjoyed a very positive experience with the redesign. In fact, Kim partly attributed their business success to the website:

Kim & Claudette ShiraWe hired MyModernWeb several years ago. It was the best business decision I have ever made. It is a big reason why my business is the largest of its kind in America!”

We’re glad that business is booming for the Shira family. If you would like to hire MyModernWeb to build a website for you, call (877) 792-7418 for a free consultation. We are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To learn more about Show Me Birds, call (620) 674-8863, or email Screenshot
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Kim & Claudette Shira
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