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Who does the owner of a web design company turn to when it’s time to take the leap and get his first tattoo? His very first client, of course!

First Things First

Getting inked is a serious endeavor. There are many factors to consider, but finding the right tattoo artist is at the top of the list. You can’t let just anyone put permanent art on your body, you need a talented expert. Plus, they use needles for these things, right? Given the pain and agony that surely entails, you should have confidence in the guy torturing you.

Who Can You Trust?

That’s why Jason, the owner of MyModernWeb, turned to Bob at Body Art Pros for his first ink. See, Bob was Jason’s first web design client back in high school, and he’s still a client 11 years later. This means that for over a decade, Bob has entrusted Jason with his web designing needs, and Jason has delivered. After such an enduring professional relationship, Jason knew Bob was the perfect guy to handle his tattooing needs. It was time to put his own trust back in his client.

Ron Paul Eagle TattooMoment of Truth

Still, sitting down for your first tattoo is pretty scary. You can only imagine the levels of discomfort and misery even the gentlest needle-wielder will inflict upon you. After all the hype, Jason was pleasantly surprised to discover it didn’t hurt as much as he’d expected. Bob skillfully inked the iconic Ron Paul eagle, and Jason became his happy client.

Through these experiences, Jason and Bob have both discovered that when they put their trust in the right people, nothing but brilliant results, such as cool tattoos and sweet websites, will happen!


Jason’s First Tattoo
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Ron Paul Eagle Tattoo
©2013 Jason Dittmer |


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