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The Internet is the greatest resource ever invented, but it also has a steep learning curve for inexperienced marketers or bloggers. There are billions of webpages online, each competing for the attention of Web traffic being diverted through search engines. Bringing in these potential viewers through a targeted optimization campaign is what ultimately determines the success of a website.

Why Optimization Matters

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the methods by which webmasters help search engines find, categorize and rank a domain and then pass it on to readers. A number of factors are considered, including reputation and content quality, but the primary tool of SEO is the keyword. When someone runs a search, keywords are the most important words and phrases used in the query. They tell search engines like Google which webpages are most likely to help the person.

The Trouble with Broad Keywords

Once a new webmaster realizes the potential of a few words sprinkled throughout a page, he or she often makes the mistake of picking the broadest keywords in a niche, such as “insurance” or “legal advice.” They are appealing because they see millions of searches every day, but they are also so competitive that young domains can almost never break through to the top of the rankings.

Picking Keywords Customers Will Find

The best choice, especially for beginners, is to instead target “long-tail” keywords, or specific searches related to a unique aspect of a niche. Marketing to a single city, state or territory is becoming more popular and proving to be a particularly profitable strategy. When optimizing for location, a webmaster can go after broad keywords and still rank highly, thanks to Google and Bing’s preference for showing local results first. The city and state of a business should be placed prominently in every page and blog post, including titles. With the right keyword strategy, any website can go from utter anonymity to bustling success in relatively little time.

SEO Results

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