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Let’s take a moment to paint a picture. Imagine that you just spent the last hour writing an amazing blog post. You put it up on your blog, and are excited because you know that it is both informal and entertaining. After you hit the publish button, however, suddenly your world stops for a moment. What do you do now?

Get Traffic

No matter how interesting your post is, it is never going to get the views it deserves if it is hidden in the dark depths of the Internet. You need to get it out there so that other people can appreciate it! There are several different ways that you can do this, and it is recommended that you use each of them.

First off, if you have a social media account or page, it is recommended that you post it on there. This will direct a few people to it right from the start. You will more than likely get some friends and relatives to give it a look, and they will get the chance to see what an amazing writer you are.

Afterwards, you can try posting links to it in forums and on other relevant websites. Explain what the post is about and encourage people to go check it out. Never just leave a random link without explaining it, as people will usually avoid these in case of spam or viruses.

You may also be able to use a local blogging company to help you get more views on you blog. Your post shouldn’t go to waste, should it?

Start Writing A Sequel

If you have a really good post that you can branch off of, it is always fun to write a sequel. Write an interesting sub-topic that will keep your readers entertained. Feel free to direct people back to the original post in case they are new readers. Have fun with this article, and perhaps even leave it open so that you can make it a trilogy!

Respond to Comments

Comments are the lifeblood of blogs. Controversial or opinionated posts can draw both positive and negative feedback. Remember that negative comments can be good for your blog. People naturally gravitate to a fight. (Remember high school?) This can translate into readers! Quickly approve all comments that are not spam. If you respond to unfavorable comments made to your blog, do so in a professional manner.

Hire a Blogger

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