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How can a small business survive against the mega corporations? By not competing on their terms. Compete with exceptional customer service.

Back before the internet enabled instant communication, large businesses were able to retreat behind the corporate curtain. Today people are talking, texting, and reviewing businesses based on customer service. Here are some things the small business owner can do today to create customer service that will knockout the mega store.

Service with a Smile

The face of huge business cannot compete with a simple smile. The truth is that a smile can even be heard over the telephone. People already deal with enough stress and bad news during the course of the day. A smiling face is always welcome.

Give Extra

Customers are lucky if the giant corporation gives them three minutes on the phone. After they get the money, the customer can forget about any help. Carry the customer’s package to the car, return calls promptly (remember to smile), throw in a free ink pen (with your business logo, of course), or send a thank you note.

Be Neighborly

The corner grocery has the same type of products the chain store carries, but not the variety offered by the larger stores. However, the corner grocery owner probably knows their customers by name. Does the box store manager know their customers by name? We all have heard horror stories about how big business treats the little guy. Make your customers feel valuable. Take time from selling to spend time talking. People want to feel special. When choosing between a company that cares and one that does not, the customer will choose the business that is a neighbor.

Share Your Experience

Whether you are a customer, a business owner, a manager or an employee, we would love to hear from you. Tell us a time you received superior customer service or about a nightmare experience. Share with us ways your business goes above and beyond to serve your customers. Let us know what you do personally to make your company better.


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