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One oft-overlooked social media platform that’s great for marketing a small business is Pinterest. At first glance, Pinterest simply looks like a fun, virtual pin board to collect and share photos and ideas. In actuality, Pinterest can be used as a marketing tool for your business.

Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is ideal for businesses that sell products. The most obvious way to use Pinterest to market your business is to upload pictures of your products. You should also pin photos that coincide with the image you’re trying to present. For example, if you’re selling clothing with a fresh, clean look, then the photos you share on your account should be fresh and clean, too. That means that the photos can go beyond the frame of clothing and include decorating and even food photos.

Get Clients Involved

Another way to use Pinterest to market your business is to interact with your customers. Does your company sell unique accessories? Ask your customers to pin photos of themselves wearing the jewelry. The more these photos are shared, the farther your business reach.

Keep it Fresh

Staying current is key to effectively using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Even if your business hasn’t had any new products developed lately, you can still be active on your Pinterest account. Does your company sell socks? Pin photos of pants and shoes that would look great with unique, funky socks. This is a great way to refresh your line of products and catch the eye of potential customers.

Get Creative

Naming your boards is a key component to being successful on Pinterest. Your first step is to look at other users’ board names. Your second step is to not name any of your boards after them. Unique names will stand out from the crowd. The more crazy, unusual and unexpected, the better.

Use Quality Pictures

Also, whatever you do, make sure to only post high-quality images. Blurred photos and crummy shots won’t cut it. Pinterest is an image-based website and your images have to be up to par. Also, keep in mind the pinners point of view. Will the image peek their curiosity enough to repin it, follow your board or visit your website? Does the image make them feel something? What is the image saying to them? Images are very powerful in marketing. Choose uniques images that will encourage pinners to repin and possible even purchase!

What’s Next?

Pinterest can be an affordable and effective means of advertising for small businesses. We encourage you to get in there, have fun, see what other businesses similar to yours is doing, and pin away!

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