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Thousands of blogs enter the blogosphere daily, but many never make it past the startup phase. Good blog etiquette is important in order to keep readers coming to your website.

Frequency Is Important

Blog frequently, but not too frequently. A general rule is to blog at least once or twice  a week. This is enough that it keeps readers interested and looking forward to your next post, but not so often that you are clogging up your readers’ RSS feeds with lots of pointless posts.

Don’t Ignore People

If someone asks you a question in a comment, be sure to answer in a timely fashion. A good rule of thumb is to answer within 24 hours. If you monitor your comments so that you are not spammed, be sure to approve them within 24 hours as well.

Don’t Forget Images

Using an image or two in your blog posts help to break up the content. The smaller chunks of information are easier for readers to digest and the pictures tell more of the story.

Grammar Is Important

Although blogging does not need to be formal, you still need to use proper spelling and grammar. Nobody wants to read a blog that is hard to decipher due to spelling errors and run-on sentences.

Don’t Add Too Many Links

Linking to a website or two is okay, but you don’t want every other word to be a link. It gets annoying to read and starts to feel like an ad. Nobody reads ads.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

If you use a creative commons image or quote somebody else, be sure to give them credit. Even if you aren’t doing it intentionally, not giving credit means that you are stealing somebody else’s hard work.

Hire a Blogger

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