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When writing a blog, depending on the niche the author selects, a wealth of material is created that needs to be organized somehow. Posts are the actual content of the blog, each with a specific theme, organizing principle and point. Categories are a lot like buckets that are filled with specific themes or broad subjects like money, politics or real estate. Categories are unfortunately often not enough to let visitors find the content they need. They need something more specific to help them.

Organize Blog Content with Tags

The answer is something called tags. A tag is a label attached to a blog post. The category describes the broad subject of the post, and the tag describes its specific content. For example, a blog post about foreclosures would be in categories like Real Estate or Banking. Tags for this post might include “interest rates,” “documentation,” “trashed homes” and other similar terms.

Search Engine Optimization with Tags

Tags can help a post get better traction in terms of search engine optimization or SEO. Users searching for specific keywords have a better chance of finding them on a particular website if that website has the keywords integrated into posts and the tags surrounding those posts. Tags focus a post towards a target range of keywords and weed out broad, general inquiries. This raises a blog’s ranking in search engines. More users can find the blog if it is more focused on their interests.

Tags Aid Readers and Owners

Categories are like the brush strokes that define a canvas, while tags fill in the detail work and give the blog richness and depth. They are essential to successful blogging. Search engines love them because their spiders and algorithms can rank blogs more effectively. Users love them because they can find specific information faster than otherwise. The website owners like them for their ability to bring in higher traffic already targeted to specific key phrases. This kind of traffic is much easier to monetize.

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