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So far, the new Basecamp “Next” is the most well thoughtout internet app I’ve used in a long time. I don’t normally give so much praise to anything, but this move feels Jobsion.

I’m very excited about the Daily Progress feature. I can’t wait to move more projects into it. Then I can watch every move my team makes without even having to refresh. LOL!

And the way that 37signals (wait, did I write their name right? I know they get a little fussy about the way you write it) handled the transition was perfect. I love how I can have both classic and new projects forever. At least that’s what I read. I hope they don’t change thier mind about that. I think both new and old are great. I’ve been with 37signals for a long time and classic Basecamp is what made them famous. I hope Jason Fried makes an exective desions to keep it. No matter how corprotised he’s let 37signals become. Remember when they had classes, at 37signals, on building a web app. Those where the days…

Checkout the new Basecamp for yourself:

Now if they’d just get the Highrise iPhone App to stop crashing. And it would be nice if it had deals too!


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