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When I first heard about iBook Author I was so excited. I’ve been wanting to publish an eBook for a long time, and now it’s so easy. I immediately went to the App Store on my Mac and started reading about it. “This is awesome!” I thought. Then I ran into this article at

I read the headline “Apple’s iBooks Author App Creates Controversy” and I though “how could anyone have a problem with this? Oh, it’s  just annoying people that complain about great things to create controversy”. But then I saw this “IMPORTANT NOTE: If you charge a fee for any book or other work you generate using this software (a “Work”), you may only sell or distribute such Work through Apple (e.g., through the iBookstore) and such distribution will be subject to a separate agreement with Apple.”

So if I write an eBook with this software I can’t use the content of that eBook anywhere else. How sad.

At least I still have an excuse as to why I haven’t written an eBook yet. LOL!

Apple’s iBooks Author App Creates Controversy –

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