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We are proud to announce our most recent website launch for Preston Family Dental in Republic, Missouri.

Dr. Marcia Preston opened Preston Family Dental in 2002 and from the beginning has focused on providing comprehensive preventative and restorative dental care in a family friendly, comfortable environment. Her practice provides personal care for patients of all ages. She offers a variety of services that include oral health education and instruction, tooth restorations, crowns and bridges, veneers, root canal therapy, periodontal therapy, 6-Month Smile Orthodontics, and tooth whitening. Your experience will begin with a comprehensive exam and a personalized treatment plan that will address any dental issues or concerns you may have. Dr. Preston’s dental staff consists of two “expanded function” Dental Assistants and two Dental Hygienists that will assist her in your care. She also has available to you an Office Administrator, Insurance Coordinator and a Financial Administrator. Her staff will make sure your visit will be enjoyable and that all your questions will be answered. By routinely attending continuing education courses, the staff is able to provide you and your family with the most up to date dental services.

Check out their website at! Here are some of the features on their website:

Preston Family Dental is taking advantage of our Online Marketing Department service. We post to Facebook and Twitter everyday, write weekly blogs, send email campaigns every month, interact with customers through the live chat on the website and keep their website up to date. All this to accomplish the goals of the website: to spread the word to a wider customer base, provide service to online clients and bring extraordinary success to


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