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Your website is your store. Imagine walking into a store and no one is there to help you. How would that make you feel as a customer?

Many people are walking into your online store each and every day. How do they feel when they enter your store? Are they finding what they are looking for? Are they feeling ignored? Do they have a simple question and leave searching for the answer elsewhere? Do they feel like they are leaving empty handed? Could that visitor have been turned into a customer? So many unanswered questions. So many what ifs.

There is very simple solution that abolishes the unending sequence of what ifs! Have you ever visited a website and a live chat box popped up?

You may have closed out of the chat. You may have answered that you didn’t need any help at the moment. Or, you may have asked your question and quickly received the answer without wasting time searching for it. You may have a question come into mind after you closed out of the chat and was able to access the support agent with a single click of your mouse. You may have promptly received the contact information to the department you were looking to connect with. You may have easily scheduled an appointment or meeting. You may have left your phone number for a representative to contact you. You may have purchased from the website because you were able to make an informed decision. All of these scenarios may not have happened unless the live chat box had popped up.

Your website visitors could be experiencing the same thing on your website. Certainly, some visitors are just browsing. But how many browsers could be transformed into customers by a simple greeting or question?

An easy to use Live Chat can be installed onto your website in a matter of minutes. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • Greet Your Customers
  • Chat Live With Visitors
  • Ask Qualifying Questions
  • Convert Visitors Into Customers
  • Acquire Contact Information
  • Handle Customer Complaints
  • Learn of Website Issues
  • Know Visitors Location
  • View Which Pages Visitor is Browsing
  • Provide Customers With Email Help After Hours

If you would like to connect with you clients in an innovative way, MyModernWeb would be glad to install Live Chat on your website for only $29 a month/$99 set up fee. We also have a service available where a MyModernWeb socializer will operate your live chat during regular business hours. Our agent professionally represents your company online. They are able to provide support to your online customers by gathering and recording information from you and your website. Our representative will also guide qualified visitors to your call to action, the most important aspect of your website. If a question cannot be answered, our agent will contact you or obtain the visitors contact information for you. Managing your Live Chat is only a part of our Online Marketing Department (OMD) service. Click here for a free month of OMD!

The results we have achieved with the Live Chat has been tremendous. We have been able to easily provide support to our current clients, personally connect with visitors, schedule meetings, quickly handle customer concerns, collect contact info of potential clients that later turned into paying clients and so much more. So many of our guests are more than impressed that we would be personally available to serve them online. All this could not have been done without Live Chat!





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