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Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt opened a location in Joplin, Missouri last Friday. I find it fascinating at how quickly their business exploded in the Four-State area. Last Thursday, I had no idea what Orange Leaf was. On Friday, I started seeing friends ‘like’ their Facebook page. On Saturday,my friends started posting how awesome Orange Leaf was so, out of pure curiosity, I ‘liked’ their page. And on Sunday, we visited their location. Becoming a customer in 3 days impressed me and I begin pondering how they accomplished that. Thus, this blog was born. I want to share with you my opinion of why this small business is making such an impact in Joplin. I don’t know the owners or anything specific about the business. I simply see what anyone can see. Here are the things that I picked up on that seem to have worked together to make Orange Leaf of Joplin an overnight success!

  • BuzzWorthyOrange Leaf is a small chain, yet large enough to spark a buzz! I spotted several status posts on Facebook announcing how excited locals were that Joplin has an Orange Leaf and now they don’t have to travel 2 hours to visit one!  Most people were like me and had no idea what it was, but those that did generated a buzz that blew up overnight.  Their Facebook stats illustrate what a buzz can do for a small business! Orange Leaf of Joplin created their Facebook page on April 21st. They opened their doors on May 6th. As of today, May 11th, they have 1672 ‘likes’ and 196 ‘check-ins’ on Facebook alone! (As Socializer for MyModernWeb, it would be exciting to see their Facebook Insights.) To cause a buzz, you must be buzz worthy. Many business owners mistakenly believe their business is the next big thing. Is your business BuzzWorthy and how can you create help create a buzz? The next points explain why I believe Orange Leaf is BuzzWorthy!
  • K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)-Many entrepreneurs make their business and products too complicated. Orange Leaf is simply simple! Self Serve Frozen Yogurt. Choose your flavors and toppings. That’s all their is to it. A restaurant may think they are serving their customers by offering 100 menu items, but this could work against them. Don’t make your products or services too complicated. It will repel potential clients.
  • Atmosphere-To my knowledge, there is not another place in Joplin that has this Retro-Mod decor. The atmosphere is inviting and cheerful. Even though I was tired, it was uplifting to walk into the door.  Unfortunately, atmosphere is an overlooked quality in many businesses. This is your first impression. What message are you sending to your clients? What message do you want to send? How do you want your customers to feel when they step through your threshold?
  • Self Serve-The only person that can screw up their order is them! No employees to accidentally top the customers yogurt with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups instead of Reese’s Pieces. Self Serve also gives the opportunity to serve many people in a short amount of time. Imagine taking the orders for all the flavors and toppings, filling the orders and then getting some orders wrong. The employees needed to keep up with the demand would significantly raise the overhead, wait time and amount of unhappy customers. Not every business can offer self-serve, but find innovative ways to keep your customers satisfied and your overhead low.
  • Open-My husband and I visited Orange Leaf the night of  Mother’s Day. We had spend a pleasant afternoon with the  family. On the way home, we decided something sweet would end the day perfectly! We drove by several custard places. Culvers-closed, Shakes-closed. Surely, it wouldn’t hurt to drive by Orange Leaf. Sure enough, 10pm and they are OPEN! Not only are they open, they are packed out the door! Know when your customers need you to be open and be open.
  • Perfect Timing-It may have been chance or choice that opening day was 2 days before Mother’s Day. For a new frozen yogurt place in Joplin, it was genius. There wasn’t a better way to love on mom then to take her to the hottest new place in town and treat her to a delicious dessert of her choice! Choose your business launch day wisely!
  • Healthy Option-Joplin offers several ice cream, custard and dessert options. However, there is not a frozen yogurt place. Finding a healthy option to quench a sweet tooth is not easy around here. Every yogurt Orange Leaf offers is Low Fat! Don’t let that fool you. The yogurt is yummy! Even my husband loved it and he avoids health foods like the plague! Don’t just try to be better than your competition, be different.

This is not the secret formula to a successful launch. Orange Leaf of Joplin simply offers any business a few hints on how to launch a new business or a new marketing campaign. Great job, Orange Leaf. I am very excited to see your new business thriving! And, I will be back for another cheesecake yogurt topped with granola.


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