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MyModernWeb is proud of their newest creation. A mobile app for Wildcat Glades Conservation and Audubon Center. ¬†This app utilizes geo-tracking, which identifies a person’s current, physical location by obtaining GPS data from their smartphones or other GPS-enabled devices. The app detects your location in Wildcat Glades and guides you through various stations throughout the park.

To get this mobile app: 1) Access via your smart phone web browser. 2) Add to home screen. (Audubon icon will appear along with your other apps)

Wildcat Glades AppWildcat Glades Appwildcat glades

To use this mobile app: 1) Physically travel to Wildcat Glades, just south of Joplin, Missouri. 2) Access the Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center app on your smart phone. 3) Click ‘Begin Trail’. 4) Click ‘Detect Location’. 5) The app will redirect to the closest station from your location. 6) Continue the self guided tour through Wildcat Glades, accessing the¬†fascinating information provided by the Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center.

Could your small business benefit from a mobile app utilizing geo-tracking? We have listed a few ways businesses may use geo-location. This type of app is not made for all businesses, but be encouraged to think outside of the box. How could your business use this technology to bring in more customers and therefore increase profits?

  • Multiple Locations- detects your closest location for customer
  • Interactive Map- connect with customers & offer valuable information
  • Points of Interest- offer information pertaining to your business
  • Check Ins- tallies number of customers that have checked in at locations and encourages more to visit




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