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With each launch of a website, the staff here at feel like proud parents on graduation day. In the brief time, between the initial phone call about wanting a website but not knowing where to start to the day we open the hidden portal and releases the website into the world, a deep bond develops. We have gained an exhaustive knowledge of our clients and their business. On launch day, we are just as excited as our clients. is pleased to announce our most recent launch for Paul Gonzales with Bolivar Family Dental.

Bolivar Family Dental has served the Bolivar/Springfield area for 5 years and is excited to open the doors to a wider customer base. Would you travel farther to obtain competitive rates at a dentist that is sensitive to your anxiety? Who wouldn’t! The website will spread the word about their dedication to excellence in dentistry. They provide the highest level of comprehensive care to their patients by refusing to use anything less than the most up to date equipment, materials and technology. Their friendly and professions team make a very comfortable atmosphere for patients of all ages.

They are proud to offer the option to schedule appointments online. In a fast paced life, where the thought to call your dentist exits your mind just a quickly as it enters, Bolivar Family Dental has found a solution. No waiting until morning to call when the office opens. No coordinating calendars. You pick the date. You pick the time of day. You request your appointment when you think about it, even if it’s midnight.  And Bolivar Family Dental will call you the next day to confirm.

Not unlike parents of graduates, we will not leave Bolivar Family Dental out there to tackle the online world alone. Bolivar Family Dental is taking advantage of our Internet Department Service.  We post to Facebook and Twitter everyday, write weekly blogs, send email campaigns every month, interact with customers through the live chat on the website and keep the website up to date for Bolivar Family Dental. All this to accomplish the goals of the website: to spread the word to a wider customer base, provide service to online clients and bring extraordinary success to

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