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We are proud to announce the launching of several new websites for MyModernWeb clients.  A1 Carpet Cleaning, B & C Catering, The Foundry, and Black Rain Ordnance.  These are all local companies and organizations working hard to bring success not only to themselves, but the community around us!
For those who aren’t familiar with these companies, here is a little about each. But don’t take our word for it, check out their new sites.  They can tell you about themselves better than we ever could!

A1 Carpet Cleaning has been a thriving local company for 25 years.  They provide unique carpet cleaning services for home and business owners.  With professional chemicals to ensure the best cleaning possible, special equipment to raise and protect furniture, and powerful air movers to make it all dry faster than other area cleaners you just can’t ask for more than A1 can offer! Owner Bob Miller operates on a simple business premise. Do high quality work at a fair and honest price, and give your clients the service they deserve.  If you don’t believe me, as Bob says, “Just ask your neighbor.”

B & C Catering is based outside Carthage and provides service to a wide area all around Joplin. B & C specializes in catering for groups of all sizes and thrives on large scale events, for which the can also provide unique event planning for.  Owners Blake and Charlyn Mansfield are involved from inception to execution of each event to insure that every group receives the top quality service and food B & C is known for.  B & C is happy to cater nearly any kind of event from weddings, to birthdays, to corporate and government events.  If you need food for it, they can provide an amazing array of options.

Black Rain Ordnance is based in Neosho and is a dealer of top quality fire arms to both retailers and the public.  Black Rain has nationwide appeal with dealers in all 50 states using their service.  In addition to rifles, Black Rain is a seller of  top of the line accessories, and even clothing.

The Foundry Music Venue is a Christian based organization located in The Bridge Facility just east of Sam’s Club in Joplin.  The Foundry is open to high school and college age kids during concerts with cover charge depending on the band.  The Foundry also sponsors a free college night every other Sunday from 8pm to midnight.  Featured artists in the past include American Idol contestant and national touring artist Daughtry, who performed all of his hits to a packed house.  In addition to concerts, The Foundry provides free WiFi, an Italian soda and coffee bar, and healthy snacks.  The Foundry is sponsored by local donations and fundraisers and headed by The Bridge President, Dan Mitchell, and his hard working staff.

Congratulations to all of our friends and clients involved with these efforts!  This is a challenging task for all involved and we appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.  Congratulations, good luck and continued success, you have all earned it!

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