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Search engines have reworked their search algorithms to reward lots of keyword-rich, quality content that is updated frequently. Gone are the days when businesses could keep the same content on their sites for years and expect it to continue to drive traffic. In addition to updated content, search engines are also looking for quality traffic and social media sharing and linking. A well written blog can accomplish all of these things while costing the business very little to maintain.

Here are 5 quick and easy tips for enhancing any business blog’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Keyword Usage

The first step in authoring a business blog is going to be to identify relevant keywords that rank highly in search. All of the search engines provide tools that can assist businesses with identifying these keywords. Once identified, they need to be incorporated into the blog content. This should be done in an organic, organized manner that still serves the first purpose of providing valuable content. A nonsensical, keyword jammed blog will not advance a business site’s rank.

Social Media Linking

As mentioned earlier, search engines rank social media sharing, links, and traffic very highly. If a business promotes its site and blog on social media by incorporating links and posting the content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others; it will not only increase traffic but improve SEO.

Encourage Feedback

If the blog content encourages commenting, discussion and sharing, it will organically increase the SEO for the site. By engaging readers and followers, blogs not only promote sharing but enhance the company’s brand and value proposition. Businesses should also be sure to respond to comments where appropriate.

Regular Posts

Frequently updated blogs not only build keyword rich content for search engines to rank, they provide value to readers and followers. The more content, the more value and the greater likelihood that readers will return to a site often.

Quality Content

Above all else, a business blog should be well written, geared towards providing value to its readers and advancing the company’s brand and business goals. Without quality content, none of the other tips will matter.

A well-written blog on a business website is a proven way to advance a company’s brand, improve search rank, and generate traffic. If done correctly, it can be a low-cost means for converting customers and driving your business goals. Any business website that doesn’t incorporate a blog, is missing an opportunity. Just be certain that the blog and the website are both geared towards the intended business goal. Increased traffic is meaningless unless you are converting visitors to customers.

MyModernWeb Wants To Know

In your opinion, what is the best strategy for search engine optimization? Keywords? Social Media? Blog Posts? Content? Link Building? Or Something Else? Share your experience. Tell us what has worked for you and what has failed miserably. If you are a reader, what do you like to see on business blogs? What do you not like to see on business blog?

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