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Social media networks can be exceptionally effective marketing tools, and by posting a wide variety of content on social media networks, a business can encourage customers to make purchases and engage potential customers.

Informational Posts

A business can frequently post information about a certain product or service that it offers. Posts that contain tips and tricks about using a particular product or service can encourage customers to try it.

Funny Posts

Funny posts are likely to be shared by other users on social media networks, and when a post is shared multiple times, it can generate a large amount of traffic.


Various studies have shown that people are exceptionally responsive to pictures on social media networks, and the business can post photographs of its products, pictures of the inside of its office or pictures of customers purchasing a particular product.

Questions & Polls

A customer can quickly become engaged with a business by a simple question. The question doesn’t necessarily have to do with the business or industry. It could just be a random question that draws people to voice their opinion. Facebook even offers business pages the option to conduct polls.

Posting Discounts

Customers are always looking for discounts, and a business should frequently post discounts and promotional codes in order to encourage customers to purchase certain products.


Videos can engage potential customers very effectively, and videos can generate a large amount of traffic for the website of the business.

A business can post a video that explains how to use a certain product or service, or the company can create a video that shows the differences between its products and the products of its competitors.

Posts About Life

The business owner or an employee can post a status about his or her own life, and this type of status can help to engage customers on a personal level.

Professional and Personal Balance

There are many types of content that a business can post on social media networks. Don’t be afraid to try something new or get a little personal. Keep in mind that customers will feel more connected to the people of the company rather than the company itself. They will also enjoy seeing the lighter side of your business-an absurd meme, a laugh at loud joke, a silly office picture or video, a random question or advice from the owner.

Social Media Services

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