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Few things are as persuasive to an organization’s potential customers as the opinions and experiences of their current customers. Finding effective ways to get quality testimonials from satisfied customers is an important first step towards successfully incorporating testimonials into an organization’s marketing portfolio.

Make It Easy

It is important to make it easy for satisfied customers to share their positive experiences with your company’s products and services. Establishing a standardized testimonial gathering process that can be mentioned to all clients on a regular basis increases the odds that satisfied customers will take the time to share their positive experiences with others.

Don’t Use Open Ended Questions

Asking detailed questions about specific aspects of the organization’s goods and services increases the odds that customers will provide useable and impactful feedback. Open ended questions often lead to the sharing of vague and ultimately meaningless platitudes that don’t do enough to differentiate your business from the competition.

Ask Early and Often

It sounds simple, but the most effective strategy for getting customers to provide testimonials is often just asking them to share their experience. Of course, there are many avenues you can use to ask.

Businesses that require a lot of face-to-face contact with clients should be sure to ask customers if they will take the time to complete a review so you can continue to improve your products or services. Organizations with less in-person interaction can direct clients to an in-house or preferred review website to share their feedback.

Make plans to reach out to customers on a regular basis after their initial purchase so that clients who did not take the time to give a testimonial after their initial contact with your business have additional opportunities to participate in the future. Giving satisfied customers several opportunities to share their positive experiences with your company’s products and services is a great way promote your business in a real and believable way.

For Example

At MyModernWeb, we would ask our clients to answer the following questions in their testimonials.

  • Why did you hire MyModernWeb to use the internet to increase your business?
  • What did you like most about working with us?
  • Why would you recommend MyModernWeb to your friends and family?

If you would like to respond, feel free to leave a comment, contact us online or call us at (877) 792-7418.

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