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Blogging may look easy, but it takes time to learn how to blog in a way that will bring in readers. Here are some common mistakes that new bloggers make.


The content on your blog is the most important part. You could have stimulating, thought-provoking topics, but if you don’t introduce them in an appealing format, visitors will leave without reading any of it.

Long posts with no white space to break up the text are hard to read online. If you have long posts, break them up into separate entries. Bullet points and numbered lists are a good way to break up a post visually. Most readers will skim content to find what is relevant to them. Headings will direct the reader’s attention. Once you have their attention, they will read the whole post.

Improper SEO will doom your blog posts to the back pages of search engines where readers will never find you. Make sure your keywords are peppered throughout in a way that still gives visitors relevant information in an appealing format.


Readers need to be encouraged to interact. Most visitors won’t give their opinions unless asked to do so in the end of the post. Put a little comment at the end of the post encouraging them to respond. This helps cultivate an engaged readership. Make sure it’s not difficult for people to respond. If there are too many hoops to jump through, they’ll wander off. When readers take the time to comment, the blogger should take time to respond, and they should do so in a professional manner. Arguing with a commenter or being rude will guarantee a loss in readership.

Social Media

Hitting publish on your blog post is not the end. Nobody will come rushing to your blog if they don’t even know about it. Use social media to your advantage.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Digg
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

Join forums that deal with your niche then you can comment with authority on topics in which you’re familiar. People will search for your blog.


Images are crucial to reinforcing your idea. Do not pull images from Google or other search engines. There are rules regarding posting other people’s images. One of the rules requires that you must give credit back to the source of the picture.

We Want To Know

What advice do you have for bloggers? If you are blogger, share from your experiences. If you are a reader, tell us what you love and hate. We would love to hear from you!!!

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