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Mobile computing is exploding as more users each day trade in their cellphones and upgrade to smartphones. Couple these smartphone users with the tsunami of tablet users no one predicted five years ago, and you have a seismic shift in the nature of mobile computing.

Why Mobile Matters

Many websites were designed for optimal viewing on desktop browsers. The amount of information supported by a fifteen-inch monitor shrinks down to near invisibility on a three-inch screen. Buttons designed for mouse inputs may be too small for fingers on a touch screen. Even when users zoom in, the dimensions are awkward for reading and locating inputs on a page.

Is Your Website Being Left Behind?

Mobile computing is expected to surpass desktop and laptop computing in the next year or so. Even more important, the people leading this transformation are professionals and those most likely to do business online. They probably number among your ideal customer demographic. They are doing their browsing on phones and tablets, and you are losing their business if your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile Users Act Differently

Not only must your website respond and deliver a device-compatible view for the user, but you must meet the particular needs of mobile users. Many smartphone owners use their browser as a phone directory. When they find your business on their phone, they want to call you. As you simplify the choices on your mobile-optimized view, you want to remember that push-to-call and mapping to your physical location should be top on the list of options.

You May Already Be Too Late

If your competitors have embraced mobile, they are likely siphoning off traffic that cannot connect with your website via smartphones and tablets. By the end of the year, fifty percent of website browsing will be taking place on mobile devices. Contact your web designer today to ensure your website welcomes these visitors.

MyModernWeb can optimize your website for mobile devices. We build mobile website from scratch, optimize existing website for mobile users and develop custom mobile applications. Call us today at 877-792-7418 with your questions about mobile websites or apps.

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