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Sharing valuable information online helps other users make wise selections on a search results page. Google Plus embraces this idea of people helping people with the +1 button. Clicking this button means “I approve this content.”

Google Plus is a website that allows people to network socially. Users can separate their contacts into specific “circles,” giving people more control over what they share with whom. Other features include video chat and streaming updates, similar to Facebook’s news feed. The +1 button is a valuable part of these updates.

Using the +1 Button

The +1 button from Google appears Google Plus pages, as well as on many websites, often near articles and videos. You need to set up a public Google profile to use it. You click the button to recommend what you read or viewed. In this way, Google’s +1 button compares to Facebook’s Like button.

After you +1 a selection, your recommendation is added to a list of +1’s on your profile. On Google Plus, you can add comments to this recommendation and share it with whom you want in the updates stream. Any of your contacts may see your recommendation when they go to the same area of the website. In turn, you may see what they’ve +1’d as you browse online.

Making the SEO Connection

So what does all this mean for your website? As more people recommend your content, your website becomes more popular. How many +1’s you receive are tallied for users to see. Let’s say you search for an article on online marketing. In your search results, you see one article that has received many more +1’s than others. Wouldn’t you choose this one? You’d probably +1 it too and maybe even pass it along on Google Plus and other social networks. An increase in social sharing means more traffic to your website and a possible effect on your search rank, making the +1 button a useful complement to your SEO methods.

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