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Blogging platforms have opened up the Internet to a number of people who wish to share information but who have trouble managing complex software. Of all the blogging platforms, WordPress is widely hailed as being the easiest to use and most powerful. With its wide selection of plugins, users will be able to customize WordPress to their needs. However, WordPress has one drawback: It is demanding on processors and RAM. Fortunately, there are plugins that can help remedy this.

The reason WordPress uses so much processing power and RAM is because it recreates every page that is accessed. WP Super Cache remedies this shortcoming by making each post and page into a static HTML file. When new material is added, each post and page on WordPress site will update itself. For small business owners, RAM and processing power are often the limiting factors in their hosting plans, and many have to update their hosting plans when their site reaches a certain level of popularity. By using WP Super Cache, small business owners can delay this upgrade.

The primary drawback of WP Super Cache is that it can be difficult to install. A perfectly configured WordPress installation may have no difficulties, but most users will need to tweak their database settings and deal with other advanced configuration areas. In most cases, the best solution is to install the WP Super Cache the same way that other plugins are installed and fix any errors that pop up.

Jason is offering free installation of the WP Super Cache plugin to new and existing clients. Simply call MyModernWeb at 877-792-7418 to request and schedule a WP Super Cache installation.


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