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Many businesses rely on ranking well in organic search results. However, with the frequent, substantial changes that the major search engines continue to implement, many businesses are finding it more time-consuming to manage and maintain their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

MyModernWeb is offering a new approach to SEO. Rather than vague or overly ambitious promises, we are driven by results. This simplifies many aspects of your SEO and allows your company to switch efforts from maintaining SEO back to focusing on your core business.

Proven SEO Practices

We strictly adhere to industry standards and proven best practices. We build credible links, make relevant and informative blog postings and select our directory submissions. This ensures that our clients are not penalized by the search engines. We do not believe that one size fits all, so we tailor a custom SEO program for each customer.

Up Front Pricing

Once our plan is approved, we lock in the pricing for each targeted keyword. We only charge when the ranking for a specific keyword is improved. This means that we share the same goal as our customer; we want sustainably high rankings for selected keywords. There are no long-term contracts. Our goal is to become a trusted adviser that a business will want to work with long-term.

No Setup Fees

We do not charge for consultation and we do not have any setup fees. We do not charge for optimizing our clients’ web pages. We spend the time to ensure that pages will rank well for the desired keywords, as that is the basis for measuring our results.

How to Get Started

Send us your domain name and the keywords that you would like to improve. We will give the search volume for each keyword, as well as additional possibilities. We will send you the current competition for the targeted keywords, along with your current rank for each. As part of our proposal, we will give you the fixed pricing to improve your ranking for each keyword.

Feel free to call us or fill out this form to get a quote on the keywords you want to be ranked prominently for! 877-792-7418

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