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Here’s the problem. People can say anything on the internet. And really there is nothing you can do about it unless they say it in a comment on your blog. If it’s on your blog, you can delete it and no-one will ever see it. But what if it’s not that bad. What if negative comments can drive more interaction from visitors to your website? What if negative comments can get people who like your service or product to defend you? What if negative comments can be a good thing?

First let’s look at the value of comments. Comments drive more traffic to your blog post, that is what you are after right? If you integrate Facebook with your blog, then when people make a comment on your blog it can show up on their Facebook page. But it doesn’t stop there. Search engines will also notice your extra traffic and comments and you get more traffic from Google too.

“Comments are the lifeline of a blog.” – Susan Gunelius /

Now, that we know how important comments are, how do we get some? Well, if your readers agree with everything they read why should they take the time to write a comment? What a blog post needs to do is get people engaged. And sometimes the easiest way to get people engaged is to say something a little controversial.

“A great way to get noticed on a blog is to write a controversial article, and if you can have a worked up, passionate voice in there somewhere, well then all the better.” – Tia Peterson /

Who reads your comments anyway? You really need to think about this if you want to have a successful blog. Your blog posts need to talk right at these people. How do you want your audience to feel about your brand? I hate to bring up Apple, but they created a brand out of a ton of controversy and they have the most valuable brand in the world. What if controversy and even mistakes just make you appear more honest?

“…a rug with a few off stitches is an honest rug.” -Jason Fried / 37signals

Note: The screenshot below is the inspiration for this blog post. It is a negative comment on a blog post titled The Obvious, the Easy, and the Possible on

Negative Comment on The Obvious, the Easy, and the Possible by Jason Fried

Negative Comment on The Obvious, the Easy, and the Possible by Jason Fried


Comment Key 
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Negative Comment Screenshot
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