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As a small business owner or manger, you may be wondering if another social media account is worth your time. Google Plus is Google’s latest foray into the social media world. This is Google’s answer to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. It may seem like it’s just another social network, but we will show you what sets Google + apart from the others and why it is important for businesses to join. In this post, you will learn why Google+ is an excellent tool to promote your business and how to make the most of your business page.

Google+ Helps Your SEO Efforts

Google is integrating everything that happens on Google+ into the search algorithm. So when you post your website to your Google+ profile, your site gets more “Google juice”. This helps with your rankings in Google.

Connect With People In Real Time

Google+ has a feature that no other social media site has. Google+ has a feature called hangout. You can create a virtual meeting as long as the other party has a microphone or a webcam. This helps you build deeper relationships with potential clients.

Get Found In Search Engines

Google+ has a feature that is similar to the Facebook like button. It’s called the +1 button. Anytime a Google+ user gives you a plus one, your website gets bumped up a notch in the search engine.

Easy To Categorize Followers

Google+ has a system called Circles. You can put your friends into circles to help you categorize them. You can create a circle for clients, for people who like a certain sports team, whatever you need to make sense of your contacts.

Don’t Ignore Google+

Google+ is something small business owners shouldn’t ignore. The activity on Google+ helps boost your ranking in the search engine. Google+’s hangout feature makes it easy to connect with clients and co-workers. The SEO benefits alone outweigh any cons associated with having a Google+ account.

We highly recommend every small business to set up a Google+ business page and post updates on a consistent basis. If you are finding Google+ hard to navigate, call MyModernWeb. Our blogging service includes setting up social media pages for your business. We will build your Google+ business page, go through the process to get your business verified on Google+, and post a link each time we publish a blog on your website. Call us today at (877) 792-7418 or fill out this form and we will call you.


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