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When a business owner decides it is time to find more customers, often, the first thought is advertising. It is no coincidence that an industry that specializes in getting into consumers’ heads would also be in the heads of business owners. The issue with advertising is that much of it is ineffective. Think about this before you place a classified ad: when did you last look through classified ads?

Fortunately, the tech savvy have developed an entire new way of promoting a business: blogging. Blogging takes priority over advertising for a growing number of companies and there are several reasons why:

Blogging is Inexpensive

Advertising is expensive. Classified ads can cost hundreds of dollars even in newspapers with little circulation. Television spots are regulated specifically so local businesses can afford them. Glossy magazine pages provide little justification unless you pay a marketing agency to design them. Blogging is low-cost. In-house operation can be done for free or freelancers can be hired for pennies on the dollar compared with traditional advertisements.

Blogging Lasts Forever

When you purchase space on a billboard, your advertisement disappears as soon as your contract ends. Newspapers, magazines and mailers get tossed in the trash. Television and radio commercials are forgotten seconds after airing. When you have a blog, you own the writing and the design. As long as you have a company website, your blog sells. Even after your writers have gone home, or even left the company, your posts will continue to be as effective as they were the day you posted them.

Blogging Builds Credibility

When you write a blog, you are simply communicating with your clients. You are sharing your authority. You are establishing rapport. A single blog can cause a potential customer to trust you. They feel connected to you. When a need arises, they will think first of someone they trust. And all you have done is offered a bit of valuable information about your industry to your readers.

We believe blogging can be much more powerful than flighty and outdated methods of advertising, especially for small businesses. Blogging is an effective means of driving revenue. In making the smaller upfront investment, you are enabling even greater returns.

Did you know you can hire MyModernWeb to write and post blogs to your website and social media networks every month? We understand that blogging may feel like just another grueling task.  It is our desire to make the entire process effortless for you. Your blogger will research your industry and write custom blog posts at a frequency you desire. The post will be sent to you for approval and you will have the ability to edit the blog before it is published. We believe in the power of blogging and want to make it as simple as possible for business owners. Call us for more information. (877) 792-7418



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