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  1. Content – The more content you write, the more you will show up in search engines. Make sure it’s unique!
  2. Guest Posts – Write for other blogs by asking the owner.
  3. Social Networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Make sure it’s something that can go viral!
  4. Comment – Leave informative comments on other blogs.
  5. Link Out – Be kind, and link out to others. Other website owners notice this and may link back to you.
  6. Directories – Submit your website to aurthoritive directories.
  7. Relationships – Start making friends with other bloggers.
  8. Answer Questions – Answer questions on popular websites such as Yahoo! Answers.
  9. Top Lists – Submit your website to top lists out there to potentially win awards.
  10. Carnivals – Submit your best pieces of work to blog carnivals. A great place to start is
  11. Videos – People love watching videos. Create some compelling content, and submit to places like YouTube.
  12. Ask – Look for other websites related to yours and simply ask the owner for a link back.
  13. Contests – Everyone loves to win something. Create a unique contest to draw in new readers.
  14. Create Something – Whether it’s software, a widget or WordPress plugin, be sure to stamp your URL somewhere.
  15. Infographics – Create a unique infographic that showcases your industry, and be sure to link back to your website at the bottom.
  16. PPC – If you have the budget, buy ads on AdWords, Bing or though the thousand of other advertising platforms out there.
  17. Forum – Leave informative posts with a signature pointing back to your website.
  18. Press Release – Have something great to announce? Submit a stellar press release to media outlets.
  19. SEO Content – Be sure your content is SEO friendly.
  20. Keyword Research – Make sure your posts are something people are searching for.
  21. Email Lists – Be sure to capture email lists so that they don’t forget about you!
  22. Events – Attend industry events and get the word out.
  23. Conversation – Ask your readers questions.
  24. Web Profiles – Create profiles on popular websites, and be sure to link back to your website.
  25. Don’t Give Up – Consistently update your content and marketing efforts. It does pay off in the long run.


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