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Next time you’re writing an email or a post on Facebook, you should consider using a little emotion.

It’s nice when you’re talking to someone and you can see their face, so you know how they feel about what they are saying. But, when you’re typing people can’t see you face and that can really mess up an email of Facebook post >:-(

You might think Emoticons are for Nerds :-p But aren’t we all nerds these days?

Next time, copy & paste one of these Emoticons into your email or post and you’ll show people what your feeling, not just what you’re typing 😉

[hana-code-insert name=’Emoticons’ /]

If you like these, here is another website with a lot more.

Emoticons are actually traced back to the 19th century. You can read about the history of Emoticons here. It’s very interesting.

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