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I’m not the biggest fan of tv commercials. Unless you are watching for your television debut in a commercial, who actually enjoys sitting through interruptions? Thanks to my DVR, I now have the ability to swiftly skip through the disturbances and get back to the reason I’m staring mindlessly at an illuminated box. However, on the rare occasion that I’m watching live tv, there are a select few commercials that I actually enjoy watching.

I believe the reason some commercials are more pleasant to view than others is because they go beyond facts and move into feelings. I believe that these types of commercials are the most powerful type of advertising.

The 5 Gum commercials are some of my favorite commercials ever. They are contemporary and creative. I have yet to try 5 gum, but this concept has me very intrigued.


A couple of the Zune mp3 player commercials simply allow the music to move you.


I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a huge Dexter fan, but I love the new Dodge commercials. Michael C. Hall’s rather haunting voice catches my full attention every time it hits the airwaves. Good choice, Dodge!


Feel the heartbeat of Nike?


How does Coke do it? My mouth waters for the refreshing taste of an ice cold Coca-Cola and I don’t even drink carbonated beverages. This commercial takes you on an enchanting journey through a Coke machine.


Samsung does an incredible job of making you feel like you are joining the ranks of the worlds top 2% by purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S II.


Audi uses an art themed commercial to bring emotion and expression to the automobile.



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