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January 1st is the 2nd year anniversary for MyModernWeb. Business is doing awesome. This entire year has gone great and I’m expecting even better results for 2011. However, December was the most important month of the year. This month we discovered who we are.

I’ve been saying it all along and now it’s our identity. It’s the reason MyModernWeb is relevant in a giant sea of website development companies. MyModernWeb is not just your website developer. We are your internet department.

So many website companies, including us, have tried to make it easier for you to manage your website. The problem is most of our clients don’t want to manage their website. They don’t have time. They need someone else to do it.

Our purpose is to build your site and handle all your search engine optimization, blog posts, social networking and customer interaction. We’ll handle your entire online presence. Then relay everything to you with a phone call, and our client portal,¬†on a weekly basis.

We don’t simply represent your company. We become part of your company. We are just as interested in improving your bottom line as you are. We are truly your Internet Department.

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